Porcelain Lights by Paul Payne

Delicate porcelain lights and candle sleeves giving your space a unique glow 

Bespoke Porcelain Lights

Paul Freddy Payne designs and makes bespoke atmospheric lighting and lithophanes from porcelain.

Styles range from historical to contemporary.

Each piece is individually crafted then produced in small batches in the studio.

Popular designs include those incorporating a Coat of Arms, logo, initials or portrait.

Candle Sleeves

Candle sleeves (or covers) are a speciality.

They are produced to your own specification to renovate or update existing light fittings and can transform antique or modern wall lights, lamps, sconces or chandeliers.

They can be made for use with traditional light bulbs or long-life low-energy electric bulbs.

Paul can custom-make Tea light candle holders to your own design.

Artist & Creator

Paul is a talented artist turning his hand to sketches in charcoal, to patenting his porcelain relief technique. 

A regular exhibitor, Paul crafts his beautiful porcelain designs by capturing both images and portraits, and enabling the thin porcelain to bring a softness and inner light to his creations.

Technical Process in Porcelain

The patent-registered process Paul uses for his porcelain lights combines glass fibre with paper, forming sheets that he is able to craft into three dimensional illustrated pieces.

He takes figurative images – such as portraits, logos or illustrations – and captures them in layers between porcelain sheets.

Another method is to create textured patterns from embossed moulds, producing translucent sculptural lighting that has a bas-relief effect.

There is a choice of cream or polar white finish. No matter how plain, when you display the finished lampshade or panel in front of light, the colour and illustration is revealed.

About Paul Freddy Payne

Paul Freddy Payne lives and works in his Studio in the creative centre of Frome in Somerset. Read more…

Happy Clients


We were really pleased with the sleeves …so much nicer than bare candle bulbs or lampshades … personalised for us with a unique design and height to fit our lights, all at a very reasonable price

- SH, London